Riddle Rewards, LLC


Riddle Rewards: Mission and Model

Mission: To change the outlook of what is Decatur by bringing more fun things to do that are easily accessible and affordable to the entire community.


Give Decatur something fun to do.

I remember when everyone was walking around in downtown Decatur playing Pokémon Go. It was really cool to see the community together enjoying time with friends and family. In thought of that, I decided to host a monthly Treasure Hunt!

Financially help the community.

You always see millions and millions of dollars being donated to businesses, non-profits, and other Decatur things. But how often do you see a company giving to the community directly. I am choosing to do my part in helping out by funding the monthly Treasure Hunt to hold a $1,000 reward. As well as making the Treasure Hunt easily accessible and affordable to the community by giving people access for only $3.

(With NO upselling!)

Help local small businesses.

It's not only important to help the people within the community but to also help small businesses. These are the types of businesses we need to thrive, the family owned businesses, the mom and pop shops, etc. To bring them in more customers and to draw attention to that single business for an entire month. I want to make social media content for them during that month as well as fix all social profile pictures/headers. As for bringing in more customers, I think it would be a good way to show some love to the community by giving a 10% discount to all Patreon members of RiddleRewards. In doing so, this would bring my growing platform of members to visit your business throughout the month while also showing some of your love with a friendly discount. So please give a round of a applause to our:

Local Legends


I want to be able to continue to add more fun things to do in Decatur, Illinois. Thankfully with the support of YOU the patrons of RiddleRewards. I will hopefully get to the point where not only the first project can be self funded. But also having extra to be re-invested back into the community. 💚💚💚