RiddleRewards Rules:

  1. You must be signed up through your patreon account to:

    1. Get full access and compete in the monthly treasure hunts.

    2. Be eligible to claim your prize once you win.

  2. There will be one winner per month.

  3. Teams are allowed. (the cash prize will go to the person that emails claiming the prize. Must be 18+ (Details below)

  4. The item you will be searching for will NOT be on or inside of any private property/building (businesses, sheds, houses, etc.) - public areas only.

  5. At a minimum you must take a video of you finding the hidden item/show proof you have found the item.

  6. In connection with each and every video you submit to or through the service, you grant to RiddleRewards, LLC the unqualified, unrestricted, unconditional, unlimited royalty free right, license, authorization and permission to display, exhibit, broadcast or transmit all or any portion of your video on any platform from the RiddleRewards account.

  7. Claiming your reward:

    1. You are only eligible if you are signed up on patreon. (this will be checked)

    2. Make sure you have taken a video grabbing the hidden item you found.

    3. Email saying that you have won.

    4. First & Last name must be included.

    5. Attach all video/content you have recorded. (If file size is too big just message us and let us know)

    6. Add forms of payment methods you prefer to receive cash prize (CashApp, Google Pay, FB Pay, etc.)

    7. If you would also like us to send you your trophy add your mailing address to the email.